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Need suggestions for VGA to composite in car.

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  • Need suggestions for VGA to composite in car.

    I have an old laptop that I would like to convert to use in my car. I have a couple of hurdles to overcome, such as power, video and relays for powering on with ignition.

    My first hurdle is to output my laptop video to my head unit. I have a Pioneer 7500dvd which has composite inputs. My laptop only has a VGA out. I know there are tons of VGA to composite adapters out there, but I was wondering if any specific one was best suited to an automobile application? Preferably small and non powered if possible.

    Thanks much guys.

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    Good luck with that. Most of the small vga to tv converters I've seen are pretty crappy. Your pioneer 7500, is it widescreen? Cause that's a whole other problem there too. I don't think I've seen a vga to widescreen tv adapter ever. Could be wrong though. Some in dash video units are able to switch between 16:9 and 4:3 video format. Maybe yours does?

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      My 7500DVD is widescreen, sigh. It does accept 4:3 inputs, but stretches them out, which may be OK if I am running in lo res anyway. I have found an adapter that runs power off of the USB port, what do you guys think?

      I am tempted to go with a motorized touchscreen, but really really like my head unit which is also touchscreen. Unfortunately I dont think anyone has hacked the Pioneer touchscreens to be able to use the touchscreen functionality with a PC. For now I was going to use a trackball on my console.


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        I had one similar from Mine also had audio input/output as well and was powered off of usb. Make sure to get something that has built on controls for centering/adjusting the image on your screen. That's always nice, cause alot of the cheap ones don't and the image is always off, or not full screen.

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          Am I spinning my wheels here? I just found a Lind DC power adapter for my laptop in my basement, so am super psyched. My only problem is getting the video out to my Pioneer AVH 7500DVD.


          Am I spinning my wheels trying to get a VGA signal from my laptop to a composite input into my Pioneer? The Pioneer screen has a resolution of 1440 X 234 on a 7" 16:9 screen. Will a VGA to composite signal look terrible on this? I am considering adding a Xenarc touchscreen to the mix, but I have a very small car (MB SL500) and dont have much room in the front to be adding things, or giving thieves a reason to slash my soft top!


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            That will be super blurry on the Pioneer. Isn't the Pioneer single din? I wonder how difficult it is to install a 1-din motorized touchscreen (does your car have dual DIN mounting space???)

            It seemed that if the Pioneer had navi it would be basically a car PC!!
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              Originally posted by spinedoc
              but I have a very small car (MB SL500) and dont have much room in the front to be adding things,
              Dude - have a look at the Smart car installs on the forum. Those cars are small and one has a 7" widescreen and another has regular size screen - and yup i know you probably dont want to cut your dash like that but there is always a way to fit what you want - you just have to get creative. Try making a cardboard screen and seeing where it will fit or play with photoshop.


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                Yeah I would love to add a monitor but besides the size issue I do not want to have to worry about people breaking in. At times I like to leave the hard top down as well for quick trips to grocery store/video store and would hate to have someone pluck my monitor from the car.

                I did take a good look and there is no place to put an extra monitor without losing my head unit.


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                  Well I picked up a VGA to composite adapter and was messing around with it this morning. The res looks horrid, as expected, so no surprises there. If I lower the res to 848X480 and increase the dpi to 192 it is fairly acceptable, but now not much can be seen onscreen, sigh.

                  Why do these high end units like my Pioneer have 1440 X 234 resolutions? How can my DVD's and Navigation text look so nice and crisp on this resolution and the freakin composite input looks so nasty? I wonder if there is any way to hack into the RGB input of the navigation and possibly convert the VGA of my laptop to RGB, hmm anyone tried?

                  Did LOTS of searching for the holy grail, an in dash VGA Input touchscreen. Best bet I found was the digitalWW Xenarc modded one at but there is no FM, DVD, TV, or any kind of display when it is closed, its extremely ugly when closed.

                  I would go for it, BUT how do you guys deal with booting up? Just driving around town doing errands, everytime I get in my car I would have to wait for windows to boot up?!?! Is it faster using hibernation and/or standby? Still seems like a long time.


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                    Wait wait wait... are you asking about VGA to composite (RCA video)? Or are you asking about VGA to component? Composite is where you have the yellow RCA video-in jack, component is when your DVD player has the red, green and blue plugs for carrying a progressive signal, usually out to an HDTV these days.

                    If you're talking about composite, then you need a VGA->TV converter and yeah, the picture will look like rancid ***. But if you're talking about component, then there are unpowered, straight across converters from VGA to component (because it's the same signal, just different wiring) that should give you a much better picture.
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