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  • Dash size standards

    Is there a list somewhere that has most car/truck models and the regular, available size of the in-dash unit that can be accomodated or lists common ttandard unit sizes? I am designing an mp3 player and would like to make it such that friends can use the design too. I'd like to make it modular such that cars with more maximum space can have more features through well-planned expandability.

    In a related question, anyone heard of a source for removable dash cases that one can build electronic components into?

    If anyone can help with this, it'd be great. Thanks.

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    There are 4 different sizes of car radio openings, with some variations and exceptions to each. In the beginning there was the shaft mount radio, which had a nose piece and two shafts, one on either side. This design is no longer used, but there are still many older cars and trucks with this type of opening.
    The most common size in use today is DIN. It is approx 7" w x 2" h. There are three variations: 1)ISO-DIN, which has mounting brackets on the sides of the radio; 2) J-DIN, similar to ISO-DIN, but the control panel is wider; and 3) Euro-DIN, which is the type that uses a metal sleevemounted in the dash which the radio slides into.
    GM and Chrysler vehicles use a DIN and a half, which is 3" tall, but usually only has about 5" of mounting depth. There is also double DIN, which is more common in Japanese vehicles. This opening is 4" tall.
    Lastly, there are the oddballs that don't conform to any standard. The most common example is the '88 to '95 Chevy/GMC full size pick ups. These had a square, shallow dash control center with the cassette deck mounted way off in the center of the dash. It is possible to mount a standard DIN size deck where the cassette is with a mounting kit.
    Hope this helps.
    Crutchfield's catalog is a good source of info for which vehicles will accomodate which type of radio chassis. Give them a call at (800) 955-3000 to request one.


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      toyota landcrusiers have a 5inch square for the cassette player

      im actually looking into what to put there as the one in its stuffed aand toyota wants 400 bucks for there one

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        Thanks, AVGeek, the summary gives some initial idea. I did know about Crutchfield and have recently moved. I haven't received a catalog in a while and so requested one again. I've been scouring the net for some link that might explain this with extensive charts and numbers to make me feel secure, but haven't found one.


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          Does anyone know how to fit a CDRom into the dash? The height and width is perfect but CDRom drives are too long to fit... they stick out about 3 inches.

          Anyone know of any CDRom drives that are about 6.5-7" long??? A local carstereo dealership said they have a DVD-rom drive (not a DVD headunit... theirs can hook up to a PC and do more than movies) but they acted like an a$$hole when I asked and didn't talk unless I was to buy their 2000$ carputer. (yeah right... not when I already spent more than 300$ on mine, buddy)

          All I want is a CDRom drive, not even a DVDRom drive.

          can someone PLEASE say something.
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            This is a DVD Drive. I could not find the size specifications on this page, but it looks like it will be short enough. However, it is expensive, requires Windows and a fast processor, and you may need a PC Card drive in order to make it work.