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Array of dumb questions

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  • Array of dumb questions

    Array of dumb questions.

    Is the VVTModule from the same panel and backlight as the Lilly or the Gain Xearc?

    Anyone have it and use it?? Does it work pretty well?

    Here is my Issue I would like to tub it an 8-inch screen but to do that I would have to do Major Mods to my Dash upwards of 500 Bucks for the local shop to do it.

    I could get the In dash monitor 500Ish but I am not sure if it would hold up the hinge looks a bit wimpy in the photos.

    I can put a 7-inch screen in for around 250-300

    At this point I donít want a lily just too maybe people posting issues, so that one is out.

    This will be my only stereo so I am getting a good sound card and crossing my fingers that it sounds good.

    I will be using media Car with GPS, which GPS works best in the US?

    I could save a few bucks if I get a Via PC currently I am looking at a 2 GHz or better P4 mini-system. Would the new 12000 via have the guts to work as GPS, MP3 player and still run XP lite?