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Powering FM Modulator form computer PS

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  • Powering FM Modulator form computer PS

    I finally have all the parts I need and I'm ready to install my system in the car, thanks in no small part to all the help from the people on this board.
    I have an FM Modualtor for getting the sound to my stereo (I know...) and after a 30 minute hunt through all the wires in the trunk I have finally found where the antenna hookup is. My question is how should I power the modulator? It requires 12V, and I am thinking about powering it from the computer power supply. The reason for this is that I have heard that modulators can create noise in other FM channels, so I only want the modulator powered when the computer is running. Can anyone here foresee any problems in doing this? The computer is powered by an inverter, so will this create noise in the poweer which would affect the modulator?
    I am good with computer, but not so great when it comes to cars and electronics so I'm not sure how I would go about powering the modulator directly from the 12V in the car.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    here is an idea.

    * The modulator should run fine directly from your car battery if it is intended for the car environment in the first place (im sure it is).

    I assume you will need to run a cable from the battery to the inverter and this inverter will need to be switched on/off via a toggle switch to power the PC.

    So run a wire from the car battery to the toggle switch at the front of the car. Then run a second wire from the switch to the inverter and a third wire from the switch to the FM modulator.

    Thus you turn on the switch, inverter powers up and so does the FM modulator. Make sense?
    Project - GAME OVER :(