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3 Odd happenings wtih my carputer

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  • 3 Odd happenings wtih my carputer

    Maybe someone can shed some light on how I can fix these problems.

    1) After coming out of hibernation, my videos will play. But then after a while, maybe 1 min, maybe 5 min, my screen will totally freeze for a minute and then I will get an error saying my video card stopped working or something. Then my screen reverts to like 8bit color scheme. This ONLY happens coming outta hibernation. If i completely restart the computer, it doesnt happen.

    2) Kinda on the same level as #1. coming outta hibernation, i can not view my visulaztion anymore. It will just be a black screen and then after a while I get the video error.

    3)Sometimes when i come outta hibernation my song will continue to play but when I go to hit the next button...nothing happens. My touchscreen is working cause I can move the cursor, but it wont 'click'. Try it with the mouse, same thing. Then after a random period of time. Sometimes 1 min sometimes 5 minutes, the computer will start responding again and i will hear like 20 clicks or so. This is from me clicking it 20 times 5 minutes earlier. Its almost like the computer knows Im clicking it, but doesnt respond. Then 5 minutes later, it finally registers all those clicks.
    (when i say click, i just mean pushing the next button)
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    Here's a simple solution (that I know you aren't looking for): don't use hibernation


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      Originally posted by egeekial
      Here's a simple solution (that I know you aren't looking for): don't use hibernation
      yah well i dont like having to restart all my programs everytime and i like to start off on a song where i left off.

      plus boot time would increase 5 fold.

      I want to know WHY this is happening, not just sweep it under the rug.

      MANY people are running hibernation without a problem.
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        Sounds like a video driver bug....try a different version of the video drivers.
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