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what type of cables connectors are these?

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  • what type of cables connectors are these?

    Hi, I have a pocket PC type device running windows CE, the only problem is it doesnt have any connectors that i recorgnise. it doesnt have any external connectors (apart from battery obviously) but that doesnt matter for me because im taking it apart anyway. The only free connector on the board is small and looks like it would take a very thin cable. it has 17 sodered points on either side (too hard to count the pins inside because its so small). it has a plastic part which you pull up insert the cable and then click down. I dont have any pictures of it atm, but i will take some if nobody can work out what they are. The other connectors on the board are being used by the display, the conectors for the touchsreen part of the display, a keypad (quite large 2 rows of 20 pins) and there is also an empty thing which i can only descrive as similar to the type of thing you slide the sim card into on a mobile phone only bigger, it looks like its for a flash card or something similar. any help on what these connectors are and if i could use any of them to connect to my pc would be great.

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    What kind of Pocket PC is it... brand, model, etc.?


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      It isnt made to be a pocket PC, it was made to have a permanent front end that just happened to be powered by windows CE. Once I removed the front end it is now pretty much a pocket pc, the only thing is i dont know is how to connect it to my pc, however i know it is possible because the software on it was updated quite regularly. I will dig out my camera and try to take some photo's.


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        Here are those pictures i said i would post, i would like to know what all the sockets are if possible, and if anybody knows what the mainboard is that would be great.
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          I'm not really too sure what any of that stuff is...

          I suggest that you try to find out the manufacturer, etc. and it. That's the only advice I could give you.


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            ok i did a bit of research, it seems that to connect it to a pc i need a cradle and it connects through the battery, but it also appears to have a wireless network connection built in.


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              do you have pics of the plastic housing befor it was taken apart who made it and sn# or mdl#