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    My apologies if there is a thread elsewhere, I couldn't find it...

    I'm looking to install a 7" Xenarc LCD into a 2 din space. I've seen many pictures of these installs so I know it's done before. My question is, what kind of mounts are used and how is it attached tight and snug? Are there any 2 DIN mounting brackets? Or can one purchase an empty 2 DIN size case that i could mount the LCD onto that?

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    use the case it is in and cut it up and mold it into the 2 din opening


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      Won't it fall out easily if you hit a bump or pothole? What keeps it fastened? Velcro? Glue? Screws? Prayer?


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        Yes, most people fab the display right onto the dash peice. You may find more information about this in the Fabrication Forum.

        I personally, have fabricated a mounting bracked for the display which holds the display firmly and is screwed nto the dashboard frame. Then modified the Front Dash peices so it looks like a seemless integration.

        You won't find a perfect sol'n because each car has a different way of mounting it in a 2din space


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