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I might have a source for 4 x 40 backlight LCD's cheap.

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  • I might have a source for 4 x 40 backlight LCD's cheap.

    I came across I vendor who may be able to supply some 4x40 Densitron Character LCD modules (LM4857-LV) for a great price (of coarse the more the cheaper they get) but it would be between $20-$30 per unit with backlight. Would anyone one else be interested in getting any of these? Has anyone used this display and have any feedback (problems, benefits, hints, etc) I might be getting a test sample to test out with MPXF/winamp.
    If anyone is interested drop me a line at:
    (remove all ~ from above to send, anti spam)
    and I can see what we are looking at for a price for whatever the head count comes to. I had a real hard time finding any backlight LCD's then these fell in my lap. Most of what I was seeing was ranging from $50 - $100 for the same display types that were available (someone correct me if I am wrong). Alright enough said... So who is interested???

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    I forgot to add that these are new units not recycled displays.....


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      I put up some pics of my install at:

      And Info on getting thoses displays at:

      I will have them and ready to ship 5-19-00