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USB hard drive and hibernation

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  • USB hard drive and hibernation

    Hi guys,

    Quick rundown on my system:
    M10K, 512megs RAM, Opus 90, 8GB laptop boot drive. USB hard drive is powered by the Opus so it spins up immediately when it comes on.

    I've got my system configured to hibernate when Opus tells it to. For the past few months, I've used a 100gig drive in a USB enclosure to hold my media. On resume from hibernate, it would spin up and get ready and whichever song was playing (MediaEngine) would resume where it was seamlessly, no problems.

    I just swapped out the 100gig drive with a 200gig drive due to necessity, and now it doesn't seem to be ready fast enough on resume. It will power on, when MediaEngine resumes I'll hear the Plug&Play 'Device removed' sound and the music will jam up. If I wait a few seconds and leave the MP3 player and reenter it, it seems to work. I even sometimes hear the PnP 'Device attached' sound after a few second.

    It's the same enclosure, just different drive. Anyone have any suggestions? As a last resort, I suppose I could use a laptop automotive power brick for regulated power and switch the HD on via relay when the ACC line goes live (to give it a few extra seconds), but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

    Any software suggestions? Alternate ideas?

    Chrysler 300 - Fabricating