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    Ok guys... I just sold my old Suzuki Swift in turn for a '96 Taurus LX.... I know need help / ideas on hooking up an mp3 system. I have pretty much everything I need, but I dont know how I would do it in this car... 'Cause of the oval radio/climate control. I have found a replacement console [piece that would allow me to fit a double din radio there... But then I lose my auto climate control... Some ideas... please!!?!?

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    Idea... Take the radio/climate console out of the car remove the radio portion an basically cut it to fit the lcd display???

    would that solve the problem...

    P.S. I have seen this done to a car( I work in the service department at a ford dealership)


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      OK.. wait..

      are you suggesting that I get the install kit and then cut holes for the climate control?

      If you are.... Then I think it would work. I think the only problem is the climate control is on the bottom normally (good place for it) and the temp control on the install kit is on top (bad place).

      Well you've most definately given me some ideas!!!


      ps.. if you ever could get pics.;. it would be appreciated..

      pps... Anyone good at cutting plastic holes?


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        NuBooJew, I wasn't thinking about the install kit I was talking more alone the lines of following these steps...

        1.) Remove the radio/climate controls.
        2.) Unscrew the radio portion from the controls.
        3.) Take a Dremel tool and cut an opening where the radio and buttons were for the lcd.
        4.) Complete the wiring of your lcd.
        5.) Reattach the LCD/Climate controls.

        P. S. The guy that had the carputer just had an accident, Someone ran a red light and T-BONED his car last week. He walk away with scratch but the car and console were toasted.
        He liked that model car so he bought a new one. next time he comes in I will have my Digital Camera there.