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Casetronic C134 and opus 90w / carnetix

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  • Casetronic C134 and opus 90w / carnetix

    Hey, i gotta question. I know that the 90w opus can fit in the morex 3677 from what i found searching, but does anyone know if it can fit in the C134. I decided to go with this case b/c its din sized and i wanna try to get it in my dash somewhere, i thought the 3677 was, but its a little bigger. If the opus cant fit, does anyone know if the carnetix psu can fit. Its suppose to be 4inches big according to the carnetix website? Thanks.

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    man i doubt it. i just put together a c134 today. only it had the small morex psu. it was quite rediculous, every square millimeter of space is being used. im going to have to say 'not possible'........feel free to prove me wrong. you could prolly run the psu from a remote location, that would suffice.


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      So how are u powering the pc. Opus, carnetix. And how do u have it setup, externally. I want the pc to be in my dash, so im not sure how and where i could put the psu externally. Maybe in the trunk?


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        You could always fix the OPUS PSU (in a u-frame preferrably or held with extra sticky sticky pads) to one of the inside parts of the dash or something -making sure that air will circulate around it?

        Got any pics of your dash - I'm sure people would be able to work out somewhere you could put the PSU external to the in-dash carputer




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          this is before I started my business with retail incar computers..
          Here is my first system.::::::
          maybe you can do what i did...
          improvise baby
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