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  • USB question

    How can I get USB device to be recognized in DOS? I know that the bios in IOPENER can recognize USB devices but I'm not sure if mine can. It would be really cool to do it in dos tho.

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    Unless the BIOS supports it, I can't think of any way for it to work in DOS. The BIOS on the I-Opener is just an ordinary Award BIOS.

    Best suggestion: Buy a new BIOS.

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      well I know that there are lots of bios out there that can support a limited amount of devices... like a USB keyboard is a popular one... but other things, such as drives, joysticks, printers, video, audio, etc etc etc are not supported in native mode...
      basically each one has to have their own driver or bios support, and most manufacturers of devices or Bios makers are too lazy to make them all fit under an umbrella scratch umbrella... they don't even provide a poncho for individual devices
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