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Terratec or Turtle Beach for a sound card?

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  • Terratec or Turtle Beach for a sound card?

    I'm looking to get a PCI soundcard that will allow a SPDIF input. I don't want to spend a lot of money and so I was looking at these two brands.


    - or -

    Turtle Beach

    I really have no experience with soundcards so any input would be appreciated. I'd like to spend $50.00 or less.

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    Doesn't the SB Live have digital in (pin 6 on the expansion header?)? SB Lives must be by far the cheapest and most common sound card with digital in.

    Judging by Ebay you'll have a better chance at getting a TB cheap than a Terratec. The Montego II Plus or the Montego II Home Studio come with a daughterboard with digital in and out. I have a vague memory that the signal from the daughterboard to the main board input is I2S, not S/PDIF, so it's not trivial to add a digital input to a regular Montego II or Quadzilla.