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Sirius Carputer solution in the works??

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  • Sirius Carputer solution in the works??

    I am finishing my install of the computer and would really like
    to add sat radio however, I would really like sirius instead being
    a howard fan and also seems that their content is better.

    Am I wasting my time thinking that solutions for sirius will be available? If so, then Im going to get Xm.

    Any thoughts.

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    I have Sirius too, and my big issue is that the Kenwood Headunit/tuner that I have is a bit slow when it comes to browsing stations/channels/streams/whatever you call it. The new docking kits from Kenwood, Clarion, and JVC has a great display that tells you what's playing 3 stations ahead, 3 stations behind. If there was some type of PC interface, it'd be great, but the Sirius subscriber base is 1/4 the size of XM's. You may want to ask your question at
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      Someone at Siriusbackstage did manage to interface a receiver to a computer. But in a weird way.

      He hacked the protocol the radio module microcontroller used to communicate with the front panel of the receiver. That same receiver is used to provide the "whats on now" information that you see on the website.

      More details on how it was done where never posted, nethier was any software.


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