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What brand/model of car cdplayer should i get?

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  • What brand/model of car cdplayer should i get?

    Well I have just finished setting up my mp3car player and it kicks much ***! ^_^

    But now I have the problem of how do i get the audio from my linux box to the cars stereo. What I need is a stereo with cd player, aux in, etc.

    Now I have no idea what brand to go for, I use pioneer as a general rule but there car audio is rather pricey for the fetures you get.

    What would you recomened?

    What would you NOT recomend?

    I would hate to get stuck with a ****y stereo. So if you have any comments please post them! Thanks so much!

    Luv ya,
    lov ya,

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    Pioneer is only like 190 bucks for cd. But I hate pioneer anyway so I'd go with a blaupunkt. It rocks. Hey they are the factory radio in lamborginis so they can't be too bad

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      I would reccomend the Panasonic CQ-DF88. It has rear aux in, and is also a really pretty looking player. It's a bit pricey, but its worth every dime in my opinion


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        might I recommend the JVC KD-SX850. 45x4,changer control, two sets of outs, inputs, and vcr control. $200. im VERY pleased with mine.


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          Well despite what other people say, I think Pioneer is awesome. If you want a good price on a unit, you just have to know where to look. Check out these sites and you will find the best prices you can get without knowing someone who will give it to you at cost.
          I would recommend the 4200 models and up. As for what not to buy, I would avoid Aiwa and (sadly) Sony due to the fact that Pioneer has the same (and quite often better) features for a fraction of the cost. Sony rules in home audio, not car audio. Aiwa just sucks for car audio. Have fun and good luck...



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            If you ask me, blaupunkt or aiwa. Blaupunkt for its awesome german engineering, and i recommend aiwa too cause i just got the 407 can am very pleased with it. (if you can afford the 507 model of aiwa get it, its much better than 407).....

            IMO, pioneer and panasonic didnt know what they were doing when they made aux ins. Blaupunkt and AIWA rule for input.

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              Personally I would go with blaupunkt, my next choice would be a JVC (if you can afford them). I acutally bought an AWIA becuase of the price ($80 at bestbuy). The sound quility isn't all that bad but still I really wouldn't recomend them to anyone. I wouldn't fell right about recomending a pioneer or panisonic(audio anyway, video on the other hand) either.


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                Hey guys what u gone about ....
                Where do you get all this weird brands??

                Aiwa, Panasonic are so cheap here in Australia, cos no-one really buys them. People will laugh at you in the sounds comp's if you got one of those in your car.
                You want the best, clear sound with a quality go for a Clarion. Very low distortion at high volume, inbuld X-Overs, EQs... you name it.
                Sure bit pricey but only choice for competition setups. And works best with any in-car MP3 players. Most good models have a optional RCA input, this usually can be enabled by the small switch on the top side of the deck which will change one of the RCA outputs to be a RCA input, as simples as that.

                Well just to let you know!



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                  Yeah but if you are truly into competition audio, then what the hell are you doing with mp3's anyways? Mp3's only have at best a 90db signal/noise ration, while a good cd player is >100db.

                  I do agree though, the Clarion decks are very awesome... my brother has one and it beats the pants off of my JVC KDSX1000R (one of jvc's best models).


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                    > Yeah but if you are truly into competition > audio, then what the hell are you doing
                    > with mp3's anyways? Mp3's only have at
                    > best a 90db signal/noise ration, while a
                    > good cd player is >100db.

                    You are wrong.

                    The Dynamic range of a cd is 96 dB. This is because cd's use 16 bit samples.
                    (the dynamic range is the ratio of the loudest sound to the quietest sound)
                    Since mp3 also uses 16 bit samples the dynamic range is the same. The dynamic range is not (or only a very little) degraded by mp3 compression.

                    The signal to noise ratio must be lower than the dynamic range.


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                      I agree with Fosgate about Panasonic and Aiwa sucking, any sane person with good car audio knowledge would avoid those brands.
                      But I do aknowledge that Clarion, JVC, etc are very nice.
                      About the aux inputs though. Me and my buddies have a term for units that have a front aux input which you use for your permanent input: ghetto. Having a rats nest of wires underneath your seat for the computer and then a patch cord going right through the middle of your car upto the aux input on the front of the unit is just a bit ghetto. It looks much nicer if you run the cable under your carpet and to the rear of your unit.
                      Plus we can get Pioneers really cheap, and they are used widely on the competition circuit here. $440 for the top of the line DEH-P9200R with a full length organic EL display is very respectable.
                      I have heard differing opinions about Blaupunkt units, but the top of the line unit with navigational features is used in the Orion sponsored Durango which has 4 HCCA 15s and is the loudest vehicle I've ever heard, so Blaupunkt probably is OK.
                      Really, all that matters is what makes you happy. If an $80 Aiwa head unit suits you fine, go for it. If you are like me and never quit buying/saving up for car stereo stuff then that is also OK. Don't be *too* influenced by what other people say, pick something you like, can afford, and are happy with.
                      I've also noticed that different geographical regions have a certain brand that they are die-hard supporters of. Around here, _everyone_ has pioneer decks.
                      But the bottom line is pick what makes you happy. Later...



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                        all i can say is that nakamichi is the best...


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                          In my opinion, pioneer car audio sucks, i'll go for sony es, kenwood, and finally alpine really rules...


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                            Just out of curiosity, why does everyone think Pioneer sucks? I mean for God's sake they have the same features for less money as (some) other brands.

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                              Fosgate, sorry but aiwa is very good brand compared to many others out there.. i put it against my friends pioneer deh4200 and mine sounds much clearer.. and this was just swapping out head units, no different speakers no different amps or anything. Poor idiot feels sorry he bought a pioneer now..

                              Btw, why most people dont like pioneer is cause they are extremely hot when running, and have a .08%THD....

                              Anyways, even though im for aiwa, I HAVE TO SAY listen for yourself. everyone elses opinions are worthless. your own opinion is the best. i heard several people say aiwa sucks and they are always returned because they are broken when you get them, i ignored them, bought one for a little under$200 with tax and warranty, and no i only doubt buying it because i know i couldve gotten a little higher aiwa model for only $30 more.

                              SUMMARY: BUY WHAT YOU WANT, NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT

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