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  • european xm radio

    what is the story with xm radio in europe? is there a european equivelent? is there any fiture equivelent planned? does anyone know where i left my housse keys im cold and im running out of petrol...

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    have you tried getting a XM unit.. and seeing if yuo can listen the preview channel 001 ?

    since its getting the data from satellites.... and they have quite a few to cover north america... I would think that some of them might cross over parts of europe too

    but then i dont know.. and im just stumbling around in the dark..

    oh and your house keys are right over there... by that place... you know.. that place with that guy...
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      No, XM's coverage is via 2 satellites, which cover US only. The signal just about reaches to some very close countries (Mexico, Canada etc) but it definitely isn't available in Europe.

      The closest hope will be XM's parent company (the name of who escape me at the moment) who have services covering other parts of the world, but I'm not sure whether it is compatible with the XM system.

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