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i finally installed my mp3play...but

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  • i finally installed my mp3play...but

    i finally got it working the way i want it to. its a pII 266mhz,with 64 mb ram, 8 gig hd and a 4 mb vedio car with tv out.

    i installed it and it works but theres alot of noise in the back ground. i'm using a fm transmiter to input the sound and i can never get a perfect clear station. it kinda ****es me off because the fm transmiter and the computer is built into the dashboard behind the glove box and i can't get a good signal when its so close to the radio. i know its not a problem with the rca wire because it goes away when the engine is off and the signal get alittle stronger but not by much. i have a 4" tv built into the dash under the headunit and when i turn on the engine a hole bunch of lines appear on the screen. also the thing that ****es me of the most, when the engine is on there is this high pitch noise coming from all 8 speakers and the faster i go the louder and higher it gets. now i'm pretty sure someone else had to had this problem so how do i get rid of it. i narrowed it down to a problem with the electrical system, mainly because i never had this problem before i put the computer in. so can someone help me please before i trough this thing out the window while driving.

    and i'll post some pics off my setup as soon as i get my wireless keyboard. you can still see the keyboard and touchpad wires and it kinda looks sloppy.

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    Ok forst off as for the transmitter you aren't going to get very good reception from it. If you want to use FM to input the sound use an FM Modulator which actually plugs inline with your head units antenna connection.

    Now for the lines on your screen. Are you powering the screen directly from your cars electrical system or from the computers regulated supply. If its directly connected to the cars system try connecting it to your computers supply.

    Now for the whining noise. Thats called alternator whine. The best way to get rid of that is to ground everything very good. This includes the head unit computer power supply and any other audio equipment you have.

    Also are you using a DC-DC supply or an inverter?


    If you need any more info just post a reply asking for more help


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      i typed this before and in the middle of it explorer just disapeared and i lost everything i typed, so this isn't as good as my firt copy. (I HATE WINDOWS...SOMEONE SOULD BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF BILL GATES)

      about how much does the fm modulator cost? is there a place online where i can get a good one? because this one sucks. i was playing with the computer today and i bought a noise filer, i put it in the power line for the transmiter and some of the noise and static is gone. so i went back and baught another one for the headunit and it removed more of the noise but there's still some in the background. i guess i have to get one for the computer.

      i hooked up the tv to the car electrical system. i was going to connect it to the computer but i thought it would pull to much power. but i'll try it anyway. i hooked up a rely to the computer so the tv only turns on when the computer is on.

      i'm using an inverter for the record.

      but i have a new problem...well i was a problem.
      i was leaving school today and of course there was a traffic jam in the parking lot so i turned on the computer, but it booted into safe mode. i restarted it and it went as far as the win 98 startup screen then it went blank and just sat there, this happened 4 times. now this is a real traffic jam that happens evry day so i had time to trouble shoot. i installed and played gta before i went to class about two hours before i left. so i decided to uninstall it in safe mode, but that did work. so i did that step by step boot thing. and that didn't show anything. i kept pressing yea waiting to see witch driver was causing it but they all loaded properly. after that i was ****ed so i listened to a cd on the was home. but get this after i installed my new amp for my subs, i decided to check it one more time because i have a song on there with ALOT of bass. i pushed the power button and it booted fine there was no problem everything worked as it was surpose to. whats up with that? does anyone know what could of caused this? in my opinion i think all that interfarnce from the altornator is messing with the pc but i don't know for a fact.

      P.s. sorry for the LONG post


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        Well I've used those noise filters and they do work but when i reinstalled my audio system(i used it on the power to my amp) i grounded everything better nad i no longer needed the filter. so like i said before ground everything good. including the case of the inverter. this may help with noise. And i think sells a modualtor...makie sure its a modulator and not a transmitter. search thru the message board archives for info on the difference.



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          I had similar problems - it was somehow related to my inverter, and grounding of various components.

          When I started my project, I had an inverter and an ATX supply, 6'in LCD, and line ins to my head unit.

          initaly I grounded nothing. I had +12 and -12 hooked up where required, but did not ground the computer case or anything else.

          Everything in the system worked, but I got a lot of noise. So, I grounded the shield on the audio cable. then ererything sounded great, but I got static on my LCD. I grounded the LCD, the static went away, but then I stared to notice the same exact problem you are having. my system would boot to safe mode or freez when it booted up. after some tweaking, I noticed when it froze, if I canceled this one app it would un-freez, but It was still booted in this strange psudo-safe mode, My video drivers would not load. if I selected to boot to dos mode the system would restart, load dos, and then say " windows protection error" it would then restart again, after that it would run fine, all drivers would load. and it would continue to run fine till I rebooted. then I would get the same thing over again.

          So I decided to take it out of the car. I hooked it into AC power and EVERYTHING ran fine. booted, and rebooted like 6 times, no problems, back in the car, first boot, locked up again.

          Its something strange about the inverter, and the grounding of the pc. ( and remember at this point everything was grounded well, it didnt mess up when everything was poorly / not grounded)

          Im guessing its about the conflicting waves in the pc and the priferals, the pc was geting inverter power, and the lcd was geting +12 from the car, maby hooking the +12 from the lcd to the PC supply would have solved this.... I just decided the inverter sucked, and bout a DC-DC supply from keypower. now my system is happy.

          Hope this helps.

          Techonlogy on Wheels


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