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CD player or tape?

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  • CD player or tape?

    Which is better to have a cd player or a tape deck? The whole point of mp3s is to get rid of cd's right, i mean you can rip them into mp3's anyway? tape decks are cheaper!

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    Neither. Just get an FM-tuner card for the computer and a 4-channel amp to drive the speakers.


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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Chris Snyder:
      Neither. Just get an FM-tuner card for the computer and a 4-channel amp to drive the speakers.</font>
      i dont know i thought those card sending the signals were pretty gay, so i would recommend cd player
      1. im tired of the tape player i have know, when i try to put in the tape deck in the morning it just keeps sptiing it back out
      2. if i do get a tape player and the same things happened i would have just waisted my money, you can get a aiwa tape deck but to me it looks unattractive having that hole in the middle of it
      3. auxilary is tighter, so what ever you get make sure its tight

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        Why dont you just invest in a DIN sized graphic EQ, that has fader and volume controls built in? (as some one on the MP3Car webring has done, full credit to that person, i cant remember the site tho :/ ) This is cheaper than a tape/cd deck, and has all the audio functions taht u require to run your mp3player. Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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          Mc: this is going to sound stupid, but if you have the stock delco tape deck in the cavalier, just give the dash on the bottom right a wack and it will accept the tape. It happens to me once in a while and that fixes it for a couple months.. go figure. Ive done this in a different cavalier and it worked too.. go chevy heh.
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            What cd players and tape players have auxillary in the rear of the player??
            DO they have toggle switches to switch between the aux and the cd? Or do you have to unplug the cord everyth\ime you want to play a cd?


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              Most cd players have an aux in, but you'd have to check before you buy anything. Any one that does have an aux in, you'd just have to hit a button on the front to switch between cd/aux/radio.



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                um sorry but most eq's are more expensive than a decent cd or tape player w/ aux outs...but it does sound like a sweet idea for looks, i'm probly going for the el kemilion (SP?) you can get a top of the line for under $300 (shearch online) i'm planning on having a slot loading pioneer dvd mounted in the dash, i'm going to try and have the origanal tape decks front cut off and mounted in front of it w/ springs so it will conceile the dvd player...and the el kemilion will just blend into the dash...thats just what i have planed...may not work for some.