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PC noise and no screen.

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  • PC noise and no screen.

    Hi all,

    As you can see I'm a newbie to this forum, so please be gentle. Hope this is the correct place to put this thread.

    I have looked and done a on this so please don't flame me.

    I have actually been lurking and reading up on this forum for the last 6 months. Hoping to find some inspiration from you guys and I did.

    I have finally sucummed to building a car pc.

    ok, so I bought the hardware, built it up and installed the software.


    Windows XP,
    Via M10000 C3 EBGA 1ghz,
    256MB Memory,
    Maxtor HDD 3.5"
    CDRW 5.25" but considering slimline.
    running from AC voltage at moment while I set it up.
    Seriniti 2000 case.

    Lin ITX 7" Touchscreen LCD monitor connected via VGA and USB.

    Ok so it's built and so when I turn the computer on via the ON button of the seriniti case the powersupply fan powers up and the motherboard starts to bleep at me every 0.5 secs. It does'nt stop bleeping.
    At the same time the monitor has had no response and still displays a blue screen.
    This stays like this until I press the reset button on the Seriniti case, and once this is done you can here the motherboard then booting up and then the monitor come alive with the boot up screen and then eventually on to Windows XP screen.

    It looks to me like the motherboard is not seeing the VGA monitor. But surely the motherboard should boot up with or without a monitor? Why is it bleeping at me then? And why do I have to press reset for the motherboard to boot up and the monitor to work?

    I looked on Via's mainboard site and downloaded and installed the latest VGA driver for XP version
    It seemed to install ok, but when it shutdown after the install to restart again, the motherboard started up ok, but the monitor decided not to show anything again once the Windows XP is loading screen went off.

    I had to go back in, in Safe Mode to use System restore and go back to a previous point.

    In device manager the monitor is shown as being the default monitor and the Via drivers are there so that seems ok.

    That's as far as I can go with my limited knowledge of computers.

    I hope someone can help.

    Ohh and hello everyone



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    Just to add the Driver that I tried to installed but seemed to crash on me was - VIA unichrome graphics.

    The current driver is - VIA/S3G CLE266 Graphics Driver6.13.10

    I have a horrible feeling that the driver that crashed should be the one.

    The installation disc for the motherboard has Driver Utilities rev 1.21 printed on the cd face.

    Hope this helps.



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      Unichrome graphics core is different from the VIA S3G/CLE266 that M10000 has. So it's logical it will not install. DO NOT USE THAT DRIVER, IT'S NOT FOR THE M10000!!!.

      There is a tip regarding VGA drivers that VIA releases for the M series boards : almost every time you must flash your BIOS with a newer version for the latest VGA drivers to work properly.

      Regarding the abnormal system startup (followed by beeps) the most common suspects are:

      1) Bad / badly seated RAM
      2) Bad board
      3) Power related issues
      4) Corrupted BIOS

      You do not state the wattage of the Sereniti best guess is close to 100W (too lazy to search )
      You use some very power hungry components (Maxtor HDD 3.5" , CDRW 5.25") and maybe there isn't enough power left for the mobo to work properly. *Remember that the most power demandfull moment is on startup*

      Hope this helps


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        Thanks for your reply Seth.

        I have had quick look at the pc before I go to work.

        The motherboard was bought off Ebay, so don't know it's true condition.

        I have searched for the Seriniti case but can't find the power output of the power supply.

        I have slimline DVD player (DVD side of it doesnt work) but cd-rom works, with this in it does exactly the same.

        The memory is unbranded.

        I have just quickly removed the memory and put it back in.

        It appears to start now as it should, so fingers crossed it's sorted.

        I will report again, when I get back from work.

        Cheers guys.



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          I was a bit hasty yesterday, as the problem is still apparent.

          Luckly my main computer uses the same memory.

          So I have used this in the M10000 and the computer and screen boot up perfectly.

          Thanks Seth for your help.

          I now have to buy some more memory

          All I ahve to do now is try and get a second screen to work off the mobo.




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            oopps duplicate post sorry