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500mhz with 83.3mhz fsb and a 2 MULTIPLIER!!

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  • 500mhz with 83.3mhz fsb and a 2 MULTIPLIER!!

    I figured since i just stumbled upon this and after painstaking searching i assumed that there wasn't much out there on this. Ok First i'll tell you my setup, (my desktop computer) Its an amptron pm9600 board txtwo chipset with a multipiler height of 4.5 and a high of 83.3mhz fsb. Well after a friend over the internet told me to try this I did. First i tryed it with the 2 multiplier and a 83.3mhz fsb and got 333mhz. This was because i left the n/a jumper in on mode. I then shut down and switched the n/a jumper to off and wam bam thank you maam i got 500mhz. Take it i have been using this k6-2 500mhz chip at 375mhz underclocked. I was amazed by amd's loop hole that was there but i'm glad its there because i'm taking advantage of it.
    I'm probably going to feel stupid now that you guys probably already know this but I figured that i would throw it out there for anybody wanting the info.

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    Its not a loop hole, its ment to be there. AMD have built in logic that allows a 6x multiplier when its set to 2. I was reading this some where, but i cant remember where (i think it was a site) This is also how my k6-2 500 runs Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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