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Can't get LCD to Display Right NEED HELP ! !

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  • Can't get LCD to Display Right NEED HELP ! !

    Sorry to both you all but I am having a hell of a time trying to get my LCD to work right. First off this is my sysstem P166MMX with 16 meg ram, onboard, video, network, and sound. This is the second LCD I have had problems with so that is why I feel it may be my system causing problems.
    What happens is my LCD worked for like 30 sec, just to show the Corba software loading up and then once loaded, there are scrabled characters and can't read it. I then thought maybe it was Cobra so I d/l lcdprint and it I type This is my LCD, I get like T hic m y L, and thats it. I was just wonderin what might be the problem, and is there any way my system could be ruining LCDs, I purchased one of Zip-wrk, and he said when he got it back that the LCD was messed up and that was the problem, this second one came from ebay, and I adon't want to have to return another.
    If anyone have any info please reply.

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    Where did you get the all in one mobo?