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Looking for motherboard with integrated VIdeo to run DVD/AVI Files

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  • Looking for motherboard with integrated VIdeo to run DVD/AVI Files

    Hi i'm new to this forum. I'm intrigued bout having a computer in the car to do the video, mp3 etc etc. I'm building a SQ system in my car currently, and I'm missing only ONE thing. The music source!!

    After a few weeks of searching around for a headunit I got a bit sick of units that have features on them that an in car computer can do 1000x better. So here I am... now to the point...

    I'm looking for a MOBO that has an integrated video that can run DVD's and AVI files on it. I was looking at the EPIA brand mobo but I'm not sure what the integrated feature should have. I'm going to use the pci slot for a soundcard. Thanks for the replies!

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    I dont think a mobo of your description existst!
    What you can do is to buy a combined Audio/graphics card that support dvd Playback and avi.

    My self is looking for a soundcard with RCA Output.. The idea is a sound system with 7.1 sorround in the car!

    Ampie Case
    M1-ATX 90w
    EPIA ITX 1,3Ghz, Firewire
    80 GIG SATA
    7 TFT Touch Super
    Pioner Slot in DVD-RW writer
    108 Mbit Wireless Lan
    100 M Bluetooth Range
    //Power Nisse

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      I'm confused by what you mean, all integrated graphics these days can handle DVD and AVI. I believe the Epia boards are infact optimised to play films and music and stuff and they have on board audio which if not good enough i would replace with a USB2 external soundblaster or summit. The nForce etc boards should be pretty good at playing DVDs and stuff too.


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        I have the EPIA MII 12000 with an external Audigy 2 NX soundcard (USB2) and it plays DivX just fine. Haven't tried DVD yet, but that should run just as good, as it uses even less cpu-time...

        I would recommend that you use an external soundcard is you're going for SQ, as it picks up less interference from the PC-components.
        List of front-ends/usefull apps
        XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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          I have a cheap little EPIA 800mhz board, and it even plays DVD and avi (divx,3ivx, xvid, blah blah blah...) no problems. I use it at home in a VCR just for that reason, movies.

          Try RevFE
          The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.