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Your Opinions on my DVD setup

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  • Your Opinions on my DVD setup

    OK. First Off, Heres's How My System's set up:

    Toshiba Libretto 110CT Laptop PII 233MMX 64MB RAM in Front Running Win2K with Winamp, GPS, Divx ;-), PCMCIA USB add on, and USB TV Tuner.

    P166, 96MB RAM, 23GIG, Running Win2k in the back strictly as a File and CD-ROM Server.

    Networked over a 3COM PCMCIA NIC to a 3COM PCI NIC at 100Mbps.

    My Question is:
    I want to add a DVD setup to Mix. What would be the best way to do It.

    I could add a DVD ROM Drive to the Box in the back. If I do that, would I be able to access the DVD up front on the Libretto? Would I need a Decoder card on the Box or the Libretto for best Picture?

    Or could I use a USB DVD-Rom Drive? Would I need a PCMCIA Decoder for the libreto This way?

    or I could use a DVD-Rom Drive in the back box, and a decoder card with Video Out and connect that to the Video In of the TV Tuner on the Libretto in front, but than how would I control Playing of the DVD?

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    And Please No Flames About DVD and TV in a Car. I do Alot of Waiting and Long Trip Driving with friends and Family that watch it.

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    I talk alot about USB and DVD on my page, basicly - NO, you cant run DVD over USB, one or 2 companies say they make a product that will work, ( and will actualy read data from the DVD) but because of the transfer rates of USB they are unable to sustain the required transfer rate for DVD decoding.

    If you dont mind it skiping, I guess it would be oktp use USB, but I would go with something like this :Its a pcmcia attached DVD drive,
    Why dont you upgrade the cpu in the trunk, and get an LCD - ditch the laptop , and make room for a passenger.

    You could go with the dvd in the back with video out to the lap-top. For control :I use VNC software on my pc for upgrades and stuff, its free you basicaly load this on the 2 pc's ( be sure to assign each one an ip address) one is a client the other is a server, and you basicaly take remot control on the rear pc from the laptop. It would not smooth enogh for watching video, but its fine to hit the play button.
    also check out
    this guy has some great stuff to remote control dvd players

    In my personal set-up, I have a slightly more powerfull CPU in the trunk, and I run everything ( mp3,tv, gps, DVD ) off of it. I use an ATI all in wonder pro to assist in dvd decoding, with an external SCSI attached DVD. ( ran it up under the drivers seat so I can change disks without crawling into the trunk.

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      I've considered the PCMCIA option, but Both PCMCIA slots are taken, although I could set up a USB hub and use a USB Network Card instead of the PCMCIA one. Would I still need a hardware decoder for best image?

      I have no need to ditch the laptop cuz it works great for everything I need and doesn't take up any space </img>


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        Your laptop might SQUEEK by with enough power for DVD decoding, I never tried it with annything less than a 300Mhz.... hardware decoders always look beter.

        Note * the decoder card MUST go in the same system with the DVD drive, you cant put the drive in the back and the decoder in the front.

        A while back, someone was talking about puting a "dvd Server in" , you would run a dvd player, and send the output to a video cap card, and stream it using realvideo server, or windows media server, then view the content with real player, or windows media player... thats really pushing it on a 166 CPU.
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