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  • Help w/ color LCD...

    I got a real cool little 9" color LCD for $10.00! It's got a DC-DC power supply already that reguires a +12v and +5v.

    I need help with the video in requirements. On the spec sheet I obtained, it talks about:

    -Video Data
    -Video Clock
    -Horizontal Sync
    -Vertical Sync

    I'm not sure what type of video signal it's looking for. I don't really know a lot about that. Is it looking for NTSC, VGA, or a specific digital lcd type video signal that I've seen talked about on the forum before?

    Can anyone go through a breakdown of the VGA signal/pin-out from a traditional video card?
    Maybe some of the other types of signals.

    Know of any webpages that talk about all of this?

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    I admit I'm no expert in this field but if it's a laptop type LCD display, it WON'T interface to a standard VGA type video card.
    Because VGA output is analogue, and LCDs are digital, it needs a digital video card!

    There is an MP3Car on the main MP3CAR site, where some guy has successfully done this (full marks to him), but the wiring loom is a nightmare, it's not a quick fix.



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      Its not really a matter of how difficult it is to get a laptop screen going.. if you can find the card that drives it, you just have to solder some wires together.. the real ***** is that the card will cost around $300.. which makes your 9" LCD cost $310.. and for that price you can probably get something much better..