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LAN Network (I found in dumpster!)

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  • LAN Network (I found in dumpster!)

    I found 2 network cards in 2 computers my school was throwing away. They are 10mbps and use the phone jack looking connector thing (NOT coxial). What do I need along the lines of software and cables and/or hubs do I need if I only want to network 2 PCs. I want to b able to run apps and transfer files



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    If you're running Win95/95, the drivers are on your CD. If you want it on DOS, you'll have to look at the card to find the make, and then you for their website to find the drivers. (Failing that find the Reaktek drivers they may work).

    Your cards are 10BaseT cards. The connectors/cable looks similar to phone stuff BUT IT IS NOT!!!! OK!?

    You will either need a small hub ($$$) or a cross-over RJ45 cable (works like a null modem cable).

    Plug the cards in, plug the cable into both PCs, and boot 95, the cards should be recognised, give the PCs a (different) name each, use netbui as the protocol, allow file sharing, then go to all your drives properties and allow full sharing.

    Easy. Any probs write back...