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firewire or usb for hdd?

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  • firewire or usb for hdd?

    going to use a laptop for my car pc, planning to leave the 20gb drive in it to put my os and programs on and use a 200gb external drive so i can take it to my home pc to add songs and back it up. my laptop has usb and firewire so is there any need to get a firewire drive (i will have to buy a firewire card for my home pc) or will a usb be fast enough? most files will be mp3 but i may save a few as wav for better sound quality. thanks!
    PB 2.0Ghz, 20GB, 512mb, XPpro. 300GB Usb HDD, Griffin pwrmate, m-audio audiophile fw. BU-353 gps. 2x100w sony amps, 1x150w JBL sub amp, MBQuart front components, 6x9 rear, 10" sub. Audiocontrol epcienter, esp2, 3xs. Clifford G5, Finished, fitted, problems

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    USB 2.0 is fast enough, but I'd suggest firewire. I'm having all sorts of hell with USB and hibernation, shutting down, recognizing... god it's killin' me.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.