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LAN Network (I found in dumpster!)

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  • LAN Network (I found in dumpster!)

    I found 2 network cards in 2 computers my school was throwing away. They are 10mbps and use the phone jack looking connector thing (NOT coxial). What do I need along the lines of software and cables and/or hubs do I need if I only want to network 2 PCs. I want to b able to run apps and transfer files



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    First of all, figure out what brand/model the adapters are and install the network adapters in your computers. If Windows doesn't include the drivers for that card, go to the company's website and download them. Once the cards are installed with no conflicts, you need to connect them. If you are only using those two PC's on the network, you can get or make a crossover cable and plug them directly into each other (WARNING - you must have a "crossover cable," a standard one will not work.) Your other alternative is to buy a small hub (about $30 to $50) and use two standard network cables (RJ-45) to connect each computer to the hub. Your network is now complete. If file and print sharing is enabled in the network settings in the control panel, you should be able to right click on a drive or a folder and set the sharing properties for that folder. If you run into problems or need to network other operating systems besides Windows, post back and I'll see if I can help.


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      I looked for crossover cable at best buy today and couldnt find any. Ill check the 486 where I got the cards from for model/driver info .




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        Get a normal UTP cable, cut it in the middle should get the jest of it from this:

        Normal Cable

        1 ------------- 1

        2 ------------- 2

        3 ------------- 3

        6 ------------- 6

        Cross Over Cable

        1 ------------- 3

        2 ------------- 6

        3 ------------- 1

        6 ------------- 2

        Hope this helps...



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          I was having troubles networking my computers too. I have to buy a crossover cable??? That sux. Ahhh well. Atleast I know now. How much would a crossover cable run??? where would I be able to find one??

          - JustAGuy


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            Dont I need crimping tools or something?


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              No crimping tools required if you don't want. Simply cut the cable in the middle and attach corresponding cables together using solder or something similiar.



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                Cut Cat5 lan cable?? Argh! Sacrilage!
                Use a proper crimp tool - most decent comp. shops will do this for you...

                Otherwise keep the cable short and you'll get away with it, a 25m run, you'll have problems...



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                  You can even use something small to push the contact pins on the connector down into the wires one by one, and then use a flat screwdriver to clamp the wire to the plug. This is kinda cheap and cheesy but it will work if you don't want to pop for a cheap crimper.


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                    There are female to male crossover connectors out there (plug the RJ-45 in one end the TX and RX signals transpose there is a RJ-45 connection on the output of the connector that plugs into the NIC.) I've used one before, but I don't know where you can get one.


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                      I created a cross over connector using a connector adapter. The adaptor is two female/female rj45 so you can connnect two cables together, the trick is if you twist it it pops open and there are wires inside, then you just reverse their pins on one side and BAM!
                      A) you don't crimp any cables
                      B) it costs $0.25
                      C) any computer store sells them.

                      just get a UTP connector for male cables.


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                        Is this the same Alien8 who said that lan cable were'ghetto'?
                        Now he's been making them - make your mind up Alien8....


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                          You typically won't find a crossover cable at consumer outlets like Best Buy. You'd probably have better luck at a computer store, but then you'd pay computer store prices. Your best bet would be to find an electrical/telco cable supply company. Check your Yellow Pages or equivalent. Call them up and tell them you want a crossed over CAT-5 cable in a given length. They'll either have them there or make one for you. I got a 65 foot (yeah that's really sixty-five feet and not a mistake) CAT-5 crossover cable *made* for me for a grand total of $11.