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  • Hard Drive sizes...

    I'm just wondering what size hard drive you all think is best. btw I have a Pentium 166 on 32 Megs RAM. Would this system be limited in anyway to a certain size of hard drive? or is bigger really better?

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    It just depends on how much music u want to store. 1 meg is approximetly 1 minute of audio at 128kbit. So a 6.4 gig hard drive would hold about 6000 minutes of music (since u gotta have room for the os). I would however reccomend getting one with shock protection for the bumpy road.


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      Let's do a little math.
      Say the average CD is 65-70 minutes long <that figure may be a bit inflated>
      So, assume 1 CD = 65-70 megs
      That means 10 CDs = 650-700 megs
      and 100 CDs = 6.5-7 gigs
      I use an 8.4 Western Digital.

      - JustAGuy


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        I'm surprised at other people having trouble with hard drives/worried about shock. The shock to that drive once it is mounted in a case, which is probably sitting on something soft like carpet, which has the entire car body to absorb shock, is very small in comparison to what you do with it when you handle it! Everything I have read says drives are sensitive to high frequency shock, not the low frequency type that is experienced once its mounted in a case. I had mine in my boat the entire summer. I beat the living **** outta that thing cruising across white capped Clinton Lake in windy Kansas (I'm talking jars hard enough to blur your vision). It never skipped a beat or lost sectors or anything.

        Get the biggest drive you can. =) I just bought a 20.4 gig IBM for $165 at Its already got about 13 gigs of MP3s on it and its about to receive 4 more. Almost time for a bigger hard drive. =( Hard drives are CHEAP!

        I also wouldn't be concerned about RPMs or thru put. You don't need a 7200 RPM drive, it'll just generate more heat and draw more current. A 5400 RPM will do fine. After all, you are only reading MP3s into memory...

        My 2 cent,

        PS I'm sittin here goin off about how those drives are nearly indestructible... Hope I don't eat my own words any time soon. =)


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          I agree with LowLife,
          If I was you I would get a 20 Gig Hard Drive, and a cable connection. Trust me you can fill up your drive in no time. and some Hard drive's are shock protection. They are much more durable than normal hard Drive's

          And If your still worried. Than wrap your Harddrive in a pillow or somethin.

          ZyKon X