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Sound Vibrations from Subwoofers

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  • Sound Vibrations from Subwoofers

    I have a car stereo system that runs only on RCA cables and amps. I am trying to locate hardware that will interface a MP3 player with my current setup. I have 2 12" subs that cause a lot of vibration in the car. Is there a player that can withstand that much vibration? If I put a computer based player in the car will the vibrations make the Hard drive unusable?

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    Unless your subs shake the car so much it feels like you are going over potholes the whole time, then I think you'll be right..

    the vibration from a sub is nothing like hitting a violent bump, I don't care how big your subs are, and hard drives cope with that without a hitch..


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      the risk of a harddrive malfunction is due to the head moving up and down responding to momentum of the vehicle movement hammering the disk forcing it to crack the glass and leaving it unusable. the best way to eliminate this problem is to install the hdd on its side with it's top facing the right or left side of your vehicle.

      it will also help if you place the computer not too close to the sub.

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        Suspend your hard drive in mid air with some combo between bungy cords... HEAVY rubberbands, zipties, etc. People use this method in normal desktop computers because it makes the hard drive much quieter... no vibrations.


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          Take a solid slab of marble, 36" x 36" x 24", use a diamond band saw to slice it in two, leaving two 36x36x12 slabs. Drill an intricate network of tubes in the base of one, and connect to a high-pressure air pump. Pressurize, and then float the first slab on top of the second slab, and use superconducting magnets on each side along with an active servo system to control lateral motion.

          Mount the hard drive in the center of the top slab, using duct tape and bubble gum.
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