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infa red peripheral info wanted

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  • infa red peripheral info wanted

    is there any gadget I can attach inside or outside a PC that will let me use one of those cheap generic replacement remote controls you have for TVs, videos, etc??

    I know some kind of infared hardware products have been discussed before, but not seen these for sale or know who makes them.

    Maybe some kind of car that provides and IrDA port like you have on a laptop would work?? My new Motorola Timeport mobile phone has a feature to beam data to a latop with IrDA port.

    I would like something that would work with my Dell Optiplex Pentium 100 which is going to be the basis of my home MP3 stereo

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    USE THE SEARCH BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Top right corner!
    Its called an IRman
    Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
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        YEAH, USE THE SEARCH BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!
        you can also make one your self rather than buying one..


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          I've found the designs for a simple IR reciever (see topic on mini remotes) and I'm in the process of writing a winamp plugin for it. It only costs a couple of quid to make unlike IRman (nothing against IRman) & I'll let you know how I get on, if you want.

          Also I noticed your using a Dell Optiplex PC as well,and I was wandering what your doing about the PSU as it's neither AT or ATX.

          And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows?
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            Thanks Rob!!!

            I'll check that out,

            Charles did you hit your send button to early??


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              my system is a home player, not for a vehicle.

              Yeah notice Rob has a Dell Optiplex as well, wanted a slimline desktop PC similar footprint to stereo component and it has onboard audio, NIC and ATX(ish) power supply too. )

              You can see progress of my box at

              I'll get round to building a signature soon...

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