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  • accord dash customizing...

    This question is for people who know how the interior looks in 98'~ Accord. Do any of you have LCD that's bigger than 8.4"?? I have 9.6" and it doesn't fit where the stereo head unit is...
    I tried to put it under the stereo where pretty big space, but the shift is too close..
    Did anyone build custom bezel to hold LCD on dash? Any picture might help. I have no clue where to put it. I want it to make it look part of interior. I tried fiberglass and bodyfilter with no luck.
    I think unless I build the dasy completely from the scratch, I will look bad.
    Can anyone help?

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    Hey, I have 2000 Accord and I know what you are taking about, well I had 8.4 panel and I know it doesn't fit I rebuilt the head unit part with fiberglass , I spent a lot of time on it , and it turned out great.

    BUT when I got the panel controller, I found out 8.4" ONLY supports upto 640x480 So I decide to go with 10.4" panel which supports upto 1024x768.
    Which means I have REBUILD the head unit part AGAGIN!! but it's ok. It is sort of fun

    by the way I found out that 8.4 , 9.6, 10.4 they have different size of screen but the outside (the total size ) area is same (might little different depends on brand)

    If you decide to build the head unit again, there are few problem you need to be aware of. I'll try to take some pictute of mine and show you .

    by the way I'm trying to move ac to the bottom space and DVD-rom and using creative audigy instead of cd-player and floppy drive will also be in the space. oh, and the small keybord too. of course a lof of fiberglass job will be needed.

    Hopely I can finish everything by this year I'm also working on putting turbo and rebuilding truck for custom sub. A lot of things to do and not enough time..


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      Hi, I have a 2000 accord too. Please post your pics, I am very curious about your dash setups!!!!!! I only have a 5" LCD that I built a custom enclosure for that sits just behind the shifter in the cubby hole. Not the best solution but not too shabby either.

      I will try to post pics of this.

      Where did you move the stock head unit to?



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        I made custom dash out of oak plywood and it is ready to be installed. If it looks good, I will try to post it.
        Also I would like to see pictures from other people with accord.


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          well click my website to see my progress pictures.


          Warning:It will take a long time if you have a 56K modem . I just put pictures (20) and they are sort of big size)

          Well I didn't really want to post the pictures until I'm done with carpc project. But since someone opened this topic, oh well.

          Well I gonna use 10.4" instaed of 8.4" so I have to remake this again. I try to take some more picture when I'm finish with the 10.4 tft monitor cover.


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            Great Pics! Cannot wait to see further developments.



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              just one suggestion. I can buy one of those OEM switches like fog switch.(I am using one right now) This way you don't have to drill a hole on the dash......if you are planning to make a hole..
              Did you use fiberglass to do this? or bodyfilter??
              I will definitely try to do this if I have a extra cover...I am afraid I would mess thing up or have problems when I try to sell the car...
              Anyway, just for your info, you can purchase the switch which is cheap from internet part site.


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                I just found a website which sells every possible parts for can build a car with parts on this website...
                The instrument panel is only $41. I will buy one of this thing and start working on it.
                web page


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                  yes I know about Majestic Honda. It's good online honda dealer website.
                  'instrument panel' you called, is this the plastic cover for radio and ac unit?
                  B/c $41 doesn't sound right to me. I thought it will cost a lot more than that.

                  Anyway you can always get the cover from local/online juckyard so cheap.

                  When I first start this , I was too scare , I never had any experience with this kind modifition , never deal with fiberglass/bodyfilter. Not to mention kissing warrenty good bye. (it has only 20,000 miles) But I said 'what the heck!'

                  The scarly part was when I first cut the plastic radio/AC cover , I knew I couldn't go back and having all those 'what if' questions in my head.

                  but I'm happy with my result so far. fiberglass & bodyfilter were easier to handle than I thought.

                  By the way I used both fiberglass & bodyfilter, exactly I used mixture of both.

                  If you have a question about using fiberglass/bodyfilter , email me or just ask me here.

                  and about fog switch, I'm not sure what you are talking about. Can you be more specific?


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                    Yea, I checked again and it's $41. Just the cover, not the control unit. You might want to go to the site and check. The switch I am talking about is the one you will find on leftside of dash of driver. In EX, you know where moonroof switch is? Same for cruise control switch. You can buy any OEM switch that goes into the slot(I believe there are 3). I am using foglight switch for my power. The light comes on nicely when you push it...
                    About cutting out the piceses, what did you use to cut it clean? And applying bodyfilter and fiberglass, did you just fill the void parts with them? or did you have some retangular frame to hold the bodyfilter in place? Man, you can start one of those AccordMp3 site or something. I looked alot in this site and there aren't that many 98'~01 Accord mod.
                    I make a screen cover out of oak, and I might add it to the instrument panel when I make it for that woodgrain look.


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                      Just one more thing. When you go to the website the panel is under instrument panel garnish section. it's $41.66+shipping. I dealt with them before and shipping is cheap.


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                        I know , accord is a very popular car. I think a lot of people have accord in here.

                        I just made this site. This will explain how to make monitor cover. so check it out.

                        by the way I used a dremel with cutting wheel to cut.

                        and I still don't get about fog light switch. I don't need a switch for carPC if that's what you are talking about.

                        I have touch screen and the computer will turn on if I just tap the screen twice. and I will make the shutdown icon on desktop for shut down. But I will have a push button switch in the passager console box for force shut down in case.


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                          So...basically you will be using ATX.....let the computer hibernate or something, right? I guess you don't need a switch then. I am using power supply-inverter setup...So I needed a swithch to cut the power of the inverter along with the relay.


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                            I just got the instrument panel that I bought online.
                            Peace of mind even if I mess up.


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                              Damn Accord, so far your car is looking nice. I can't wait till you finish. Where in the US are you located? I have a 96 accord but i can't figure out where to put a 10.4" in screen. Any suggestions? Here is a pic of my dash my Dash

                              My carputer