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using mp3s with headunit, menu help needed

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  • using mp3s with headunit, menu help needed

    using my dvds full of MP3's is a bit difficult as there arent any menus so its just a list of 1000tracks.

    I copied them using nero from my pc with all the folders. I put all albums in seperate folders and they copied over like that on the DVD but when i put them in my player its just a big list. This is a real pain when i want to search quickly through the list to get to a good track/album.

    is there any software to make menus like proper dvds so i could select from a list of albums then it would just display a list of tracks for that album.

    i dont know if ive explained myself very well, but basically want a tree like configuration where the user selects the album first, then the track. Is this possible

    thanks and please share the infinate wisdom that seems to be on this site

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    MP3 playback varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. I reccomend getting hold of the handbook for your particular head unit and reading the section of mp3 disk layout... some truncate anything over 8+3characters, others only list numeric directories, others requires special directory structures (eg. max of 2 sub directories and 30 files per directory).
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      There's software to build "audio DVDs", which are supposed to be compliant with real DVD menus.