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    Hello , where can I find the Sahrp 6" screen , besides eio company that sucks I sent a money order like a month and they didnīt recieve it and I call to the company and nobody answer ,can someone can tell me aonothr site to buy it or another cool lcd screen? thank you

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    I have no idea where else to get this display this cheap or at all.

    I have ordered two of them in the recent past (5 months ago) and a friend did also and we both got ours. It did take a while back then because they were out of stock. They seem honest.


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      Rumor has it that they are evicted. Good luck getting your $$$ or LCD


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        their website seems to be operational. it says it was updated only yesterday. i also got an e-mail back from them a little while ago about a question i had. i sure hope they haven't gone out of business or i just lost 30 bucks


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          Try they have a 4" Color LCD Video Module for $139.95. It's not exactly a Sharp 6", but it may work for someone. It's not in thier online catalog, but is in thier Mail-out catalog, you can probibly e-mail them about it. In the catalog here's the info they have about it:

          "High resolution 4" LCD flat screen color display module. Great for automotive or portable applications. Operates on 12Vdc, 500mA. Input is standard composite video signal from any camera, VCR, video game or navigation system. Controlls for brightness color and tint. Cold cathode fluoresecent (CCFT) backlight. Overall module size: 4.64" x 3.29" x 1.37" Active screen area: 3.22" x 2.4". 4" diagonal. Resolution: 383 (Hor.) x 235 (Vert.) = 89,622 dots."

          I hope this helps someone, it seems like a good deal since the Backlight/Inverter are already hooked up, and it will take standard composite video!


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            I find it very interesting when you say they 'lost' your money order. In mid August i ordered a Comtec 12.1" from them, and sent them the money order via regular mail. They too, 'lost' this money order, and i spent a great deal of telephone tag with them for the next two weeks as well as initiating a bank trace to see if the money order was cashed or not. Just when it all looked darkest, the Comtec 12.1 showed up, even though they were still claiming the money order never showed. They still ****ed the order up tho, as the power supply for it wasn't in the packaging. I still await satisfaction on this issue with EIO.

            Being somewhat forgiving and willing to give them another chance, (as well as wanting more product apparently unavailable at this time elsewhere) i ordered a Sharp 6" new series as well as a wireless keyboard. It took them close to one month from initiation of the order to finalize it for shipping costs via email. Acceptable? I think not.

            I had serious misgivings about sending off this second order, but in the end, i did. I sent it off via registered mail, so they couldn't pull the 'We Haven't recieved it' routine. In the past week, a few days after two weeks went by, i emailed them asking for a status report on my product. They replyed back that they had _JUST_ received the registered letter (anyone else see something wrong with this picture? A registered letter going by airmail taking over two weeks to get to it's destination - I _don't think so_) and would forward the order to the shipping department for processing. The email also indicated that the shipping dept. would email me when the order was sent out. Four days later, guess what? No confirming email.

            The bottom line, unless you live locally to EIO, i would not deal with them (further) at this time. Whether intentionally or not, they appear to have lost whatever business ethics they may have had, and are either so badly disorganized or incompetent, they appear to be accumilating a fair amount of disgruntled customers. Yes, there standard stock excuse is that they are in midst of moving... i've heard that one since, i believe, January.


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              Even if you love local to them, it's still a problem, since it appears that their store is closed. I live in the area, left several messages, and e-mails. I still have yet to receive a response. I let them know that I live in the area and would like to come down and pick up the merchandise... I doubt that I even get the response.


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                I recently bought 2 sharp 6" active tft screens from eio. The trick is to send it C.O.D. we got them in 2 days and were in canada.

                If you send it c.o.d. the company takes a loss untill you pay the postman, hope that helps


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                  I am very surprised they sent it COD to you, as they indicate explicitly on their website that COD orders are only honored inside the continental US.

                  BTW... Still waiting, and the EIO LCD forum is indicating that this is a systemic problem now, with many unhappy customers and would be customers not getting their email answered, phone calls answered or fubared orders rectified. I'd say EIO is biding their time to allow themselves to 'take the money and run'... my money included.

                  I've already contacted the BBB.