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Slowest CPU speed for good performance?

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  • Slowest CPU speed for good performance?

    New to this but think I'm gonna throw a system together. Tired of waiting for a decent OEM CD-MP3 player to come out.

    For a system running Win9x, what cpu speed is slowest that will still give me good uninterupted winamp playback?

    I have a P90 laying around...but somehow I doubt that it's fast enough.

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    Well I know you said win9x but if you want to use that P90 DOS will work for it just fine. you can use MPXF and MPXPlay to play mp3's. I personally wouldn't want to run windows on a might work...but it would be very slow. and boot time would be horrendous.


    P.S. I'm running a P100 using DOS and my PC is booted and playing just our of the driveway.


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      Hey, thanks for that info!! I originally thought I would be limited to 8.3 format in DOS. If I can get THAT kind of display and not even USE windows, then that's even better.

      Leads me to question, why wouldn't more people want to do this route then? Unless they wanted to do other things while in windows. For me, I just want to have an MP3 player...PERIOD.

      thnks again


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        ck42.... i said the same thing then it started wearing out. Now look at what i have. Also another this is this and i keep saying it. If u are going to put a PC in your car u might as well go all the way and DO it right.

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          A pentium 90 is plenty to run mp3s even with win 95. My boot time is even at or around 1 min. I am running voice recognition as well.
          I suggest you instally the minimum windows options though. I got my install down to 30 megs and that helped a lot.
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            I'm no computer idiot but it seems like NONE of the pix files on the ftp site work.
            I'd love to take a look at the Cobra software but I CAN'T!!

            edit: fine using an ftp client. For whatever reason, using IE5.5 to try and view any pix files gives a 404.

            Would be nice if you'd set up an HTTP site instead of FTP.

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              Cenwesi: all the way takes money. My reason was that with the hardware I had lying around I could do a nice install for less than a changer would cost me. No its not a DVD GPS multimedia system. But it serves my purpose well.

              ck42: As long as your MP3's have ID3 tags its no problem. And with all the cheap character displays on the market, and the fact that Coldblood did such a great job adding support for tons of character LCD's you can get a really nice looking display that might be less obtrusive than a graphic LCD depending on the car. My little Lebaron wouldn't look to great with a big screen hanging out of the dahs without a lot of bondo and vinyl.....



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                <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ck42:
                Leads me to question, why wouldn't more people want to do this route then? Unless they wanted to do other things while in windows. For me, I just want to have an MP3 player...PERIOD.
                Windows has native networking (32 bit), supports FAT32, supports all hardware, is highly configurable, has software like Media Player (which can be controlled via a COM object and VB....this is what I do) and WinAmp (has a million MP3Car plugins), boots fast when stripped, relativly stable, can play DVDs, etc. Sounds like a winner to me. The only downside is boot time.

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                  But, if ALL you wanted was to play mp3's, then DOS would give you near instant boot times AND no worry about having to shutdown properly.

                  I'm still not opposed to going the Windows route though. The big advantage I can see here is having all the plugins for winamp and the support that goes along with it.

                  BTW, this got me to think of another question:

                  Is there a particular version of Winamp that is best to use?? far as being stable.


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                    If you do use DOS, I suggest partitioning and formatting the drive with a Windows 98 boot disk. This way, you can have large disk support, and still use DOS. If you eventually decide to step up to Windows 98, I suggest you get the program Win98 Lite off of . It will remove a lot of components of Windows 98, so the system will run more efficiently and the OS will take (a LOT) less space.

                    Happy building


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                      I know this is a bit late in the discussion but I have a Gen1 P66 running win98 and winamp and it works beautifully. Someone said about a year ago that they ran win95 and winamp on a P60 successfully.