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lcd screen with ati xpert lcd pci??

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  • lcd screen with ati xpert lcd pci??

    Does anybody knows if I can connect a laptop screen to a ati xpert lcd pci??
    specifications of the card:
    Works both with digital flat-panel LCD displays (using DFP connector) or regular analog displays
    Thank you

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    Since it says it has a digital out, then you should be able to get it to work with your LCD. It won't be easy, but it's certainly a lot easier than trying to hook it up to a regular video card. You'll have to find the pinout for the DFP connector as well as your LCD screen and hope they match. Then you'll have to find some docs about your LCD to figure out refresh rates, horizontal sync, etc. because LCDs vary so much in specs. Hopefully it'll all work out for you.


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      Unless that card has the same BIOS that your LCD uses it won't work.. and there are a HEAP of different LCD BIOS's out there.. so you're chances of getting it working are VERY slim..