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Remote for my CarMP3 Player

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  • Remote for my CarMP3 Player

    Im using a mp3 player
    (specs at:
    and would like to know if there are any remotes available for this so i can put the unit in the trunk and just operate using remote.
    Also, if anyone else is using the same setup, please let me know what you did...and some tips will be appreciated.
    Also, i think im going to make my own RCA switch to change between my radio and my mp3 player....
    like a DPDT switch...
    any ideas on this?

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    Looks like this thing already has a infra red remote... Of course, if you put the thing in your trunk, you wouldn't be able to see the display, or use the remote. =) I know they make IR repeaters. Basically, you put the receiver up under/in your dash somewhere, and it repeats the IR signal either by RF or by wire back to a transmitter that you could put in your trunk in front of your carplayer. I haven't ever seen one that operates on 12v. They all are meant for the home. You might look on and see if they have anything that might work.

    DPDT relay would work if you had amplifiers powering your speakers, but then you would have to have volume, balance, bass and treble controls on the carplayer...



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      OK....maybe ill just put the mp3 player under the dash and take the remote sensor out and put it somewhere nice :-)
      As for the switch, i do have all the controls on the head unit...i just want to switch between mp3 player and car stereo at the flick of the switch..however, i dont think ill have bass/treble control right?