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ATTN: Morex/Cubid/Casetronics 2699r Owners!!!!

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  • ATTN: Morex/Cubid/Casetronics 2699r Owners!!!!

    If you have the Morex/Cubid/Casetronics 2699R Mini-ITX case, please read on..

    Does anyone know where/how the case itself gets grounded to the power wire plug in the back?

    For the life of me, I cannot tell how the case is getting grounded. I do not want my case grounded, as it is causing unwanted noise and ground loops in my carPC setup.

    The wires (black and white for 12vin) go up to the front to a 2-prong molex connector for the DC-DC PSU. From there, nothing else seems grounded, so it is somewhere between the molex connector and the laptop-looking power plug in the back of the PC for the input power wire...