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This may be the dumbest thing anyone has ever asked

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  • This may be the dumbest thing anyone has ever asked

    now as it says this may be the dumbest thing anyone has ever asked, BUT, I really need to be sure. okay, now no laughing!!

    when you got to the petrol (gas) station and fill your car up you have to turn off your car, completely.

    QUESTION 1: using time delay circuits do any of you have a way of like cutting power straight away? or is the inverter on not a problem in this situation?

    QUESTION 2: and Im fitting a LPG tank into the boot (trunk) of my car, will there be any problem having a wireless network running from the box sitting right next to it?
    I only ask this as I just yesterday noticed a picture on the petrol (gas) pump about not using mobile phones while filling your car.

    no smart arses!!! this is serious **** here! *lol*. no, serious any comments?

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    Your car uses LPG? interesting. Turning off any electronic equipment is for safe precaution. Leaving interver on surely let the current flow. I don't see any way of cutting the power when using time-delay circuit. You can add a switch manually turn off the inverter for safety. I didn't hear people's car exploding because they used mobile phone or even let the car running...
    When I was in other country, taxi drivers were using LPG(all of's the law...) and they didn't even turn off the engine.
    I am sure there must be an incident where car exploded but it's not common...
    Not useful, but just my opinion on this.


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      MikGan: I think all the rules and stuff you are supposed to do at a gas station come from lawyers with too much time on their hands to come up with way people could sue. While there is a chance that a mobile phone could cause a spark I have to believe its very very very low. Those signs are there mostly in the case it does happen the gas station is safe from damages and they have the right to sue the person for damages.

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        The danger is in fuel vapor. Gasoline is extremely volitile and turns into vapor at a low temp. So if you are filling your car, vapor is pouring out of the filler (unless you have one of those pain in the A$$ vapor retriever nozzles like in California.

        If you have a large concentration of vapor and your cell phone is nearby, your cell phone could fill with the vapor, then if you have some kind of ignition source or short in the cell phone, and enough density of vapor, then it could explode.

        I think that when you fill up with LPG it is a closed system, only vapor is released when you unhook the 'nozzle'. Unless you have a leak or bad connection I would say that you are safer with the LPG.

        But lets face it, there are people that smoked and filled up their gas tank and didn't explode.

        I think that anything is possible, but the probability decreases significantly with things like this.

        Think about it, a 1000 watt stereo in your car has a greater chance of making a spark than your .5 watt cell phone. A relay pack next to the tank filler cap would run closer to the 1000 watt stereo in ignition danger in my opinon.

        Hope my rampling post answers some question somewhere.
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          Actually, the dumbest question someone ever asked of me was "do these staires go up or down?". But I digress...

          I don't want to get sued if you blow yourself up, but I have always left my player on while I filled up, and never had a problem. Bear in mind that I do not have an inverter, and my player will run regardless of whether the car is started or not. Personally, I'd be more worried about the spark from a leaking ignition wire than any issues with the MP3 player, especially since the player is "sealed" in the car.

          As for cell phones, it's just a whole load of BS. If it's even possible, there's a 1 in a billion chance that a cellphone will create a spark. And in all realistic expectation, you'd need a material like steel wool, which it's shape making it resonate at the exact frequency of the phone transmission. Don't worry about it.

          Hell, my ethernet connection is in the gas filler hole.

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            My understanding of LPG is that there is a solenoid valve IN the tank to cut the flow of gas to the engine when the car is switched off. The tank is also complelely grounded to the car body so I would suggest there is no risk perhaps unless you are filling up(even then it would be so tiny. Id live life on the edge. I'm sure you are more likely to die on the way to the gas station). As for the mobile phones, I have been told there are cases where they have started fires because of the voltages they induce in metal objects(I was told it happened near where I live but I would assume it's an urban myth). It seems rather unlikely though. I think there is metal braiding in the hoses on the bowsers but I'm sure those things are grounded 100%.


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              As the other post said the danger is the fuel vapors possibly igniting with a cell phone. I don't turn my car off anymore, the other danger is in static electricity so i don't enter the car anymore i just stay at the pump. Always ground yourself before pumping when wearing staic inducing clothing, wndbreakers, sweaters, etc.
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                I agree, static discharge is common with cars, especially in cool, dry climates. You should try to discharge yourself and the car by touching it's surface after you've exited and before you pump. I think most of the time it's hard NOT to do this, since you have to open the cap anyway.

                The cell phone thing is BS. I think it is more of a "don't get distracted while talking on the cell phone and dump gas all over everything" issue. And in my opinion if you can't stay off the cell phone for the short amount of time it takes to pump gas, then you probably shouldn't be driving a car.

                Don't know anything about LP, but I suspect you are fine as long as you are careful.

                Good luck.


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                  I completely agree with Aaron Cake..... There was a TV show (Myth Busters) that tried everything scientifically possible to ignite a fuel source with a cell phone. Couldn't get a single viable spark........ There's never been a recorded case of ignition by cell phone. I personally leave all my gear on while refueling just to avoid the startup time!


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                    There ARE in fact recorded cases of cell phone explosions at gas stations, but you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning, twice, at the same gas station, than having your cell phone explode on your face.

                    Back to your original post... I never ever turn my engine off at the gas station. Our pumps here in the states do have signs on them say "Turn Off Engine." But I don't. Never had a problem... been driving for 15 years. Doesn't really address your questions... just an FYI.
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                      From the Myth Busters web site: "Are Cell Phones Responsible?
                      No. We have not documented a single incident that was caused by a cellular telephone.

                      Cell phones continue to be cited as causing fires at the pump in e-mails circulating on the Internet. So far we have been unable to document any incidents that were sparked by a cellular telephone. In fact, many researchers have tried to ignite fuel vapors with a cell phone and failed.

                      Google "cell phone gas station"...... There were only a couple possible reports. The balance of entries are debunking this problem as a hoax. Some gas stations don't even require phones not being used (ex. Shell).

                      And Nola, I rarely shut of my engine too!


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                        If death is coming after you...its coming after you, I dont think switching off your gear is gonna stop it!!!


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                          Well since everyone has, My two cents.... tho in aus we round it , so it aint two cents ne more... ne way.

                          The only possible cause of a mobile phone causing such a spark is if the phone has a high voltage transformer that is using a terminal/contact based switch that has a gap which can spark... Going back to older phones/cb's/ and so on this would be more common.

                          The other cause could possible be the battery terminals slipping/ gapping out...

                          But yes these are all small chances now as apose to what it use to be back a few years ago.

                          In regardess to leaving equipment on... Well think of for example relays and so forth... Why turn it of and have a cap discharge and the relay respark/connect instead of just leaving it going... Its smarter to kill the engine and thats it... Turning the car on or off makes little difference depending on the car/engine/age/condition.

                          i think most of this is as they say, "Just Incase" something happens other wise it seems to be harmless and some times worse to do as they ask... Turning a phone off/on will be more likely to cause an issue then just leaving it on and in the glove box or where ever.

                          As for smoking at a petrol station, I have seen a few video clips of people going up in smoke..... It does happen... One lady walked to her cabin/front door while the pump was on auto and she sat half out of car. lit the smoke, took a puff and walked to the pump then back to car n sat down again and it only went up after she sat down again n not near the pump.

                          I personally run LPG and yea the gas is cut of with a solenoid.. This also stops the petrol/LPG mixing which can be bad when starting up... Ur biggest worry... seen it happen... Having a spark lead fall off the engine and arcking
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