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    What is the best motherboard for an indash install? I was looking at the shuttle FV-24 and It looks pretty reasonable for all that it offers. Is it good? or is something better?

    I need something small, a bookPC is far to large

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    Singleboard computers are about the same size as a computer cd-rom. I need money to get my damn car out of the shop so I am seeling the two I own If your intereasted, contact me at [email protected]
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      I sent you an email


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        Can they take a K6-2 350? and are they AT or ATX?
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          Originally posted by Spiritual Machine:
          <STRONG>Can they take a K6-2 350? and are they AT or ATX?</STRONG>
          There is as wide of a variety of motherboards for the SBC (Single Board Computer) market as there are for the "normal" market - perhaps even more. You can get anything from a 386 to a PIII 1Ghz+ to PowerPC chips, to you name it.

          To see what's out there, do a search on your favorite search engine for SBC, EBX, PC104, Little Board, and ETX for starters. Also, you may want to check out,, and

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