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Information on the Opus case?

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  • Information on the Opus case?

    So i've searched and searched and read and read and all i've seen regarding the opus case is "Well it's pretty expensive".

    I'm considering it fairly strongly..
    Is there an alternate solution to the opus case that can hold:

    90 watt opus power supply (IN-CASE!)
    Epia MII120000
    512 megs of ram (Ideally i wouldn't have to use low profile.. I can't find info if that's required for the opus case)
    PCI sound card for XMPCR optical hack
    Probably a dvd drive.
    Some sort of hard drive.. I'd prefer full size due to price, but i can run 2.5" if need be..
    miscellaneous usb crap

    The casetronic cases are all too expensive for my blood.. If i'm spending 150 bux on a case i'd rather not have to throw out the power supply...

    I guess my only other issues are running wires from the power suppply to the lcd, and mounting floor brackets with some sort of thumbscrews so i can do maintenance..

    Is the opus my best bet? Whatever i decide on, it needs to go under the seat of a scion.. so space is an issue, but i've got a fair amount of height available..

    Oh yeah.. I'm also strongly considering the morex 2699.. I need to do some measurements.. I like the fact that it can take a full size hd..