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Info on stock Ford CD Player

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  • Info on stock Ford CD Player

    Anyone know about or where I can find info on the pin outs of a stock 1999 Ford CD Player? I've tried Ford's website but they want money and I'm not sure the info is in the documents they are selling me! I have the model that will accommodate a CD changer and would like to take advantage of it.

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    As to where you will find info on the stock unit, I would be *very* surprised if you found it at Ford. If you are wanting to take advantage of the CD changer inputs, you have two options.
    1. Emulate the logic signal(s) that the CD changer would normally send back to the head unit. (ie. make the head unit think there is a changer there...)
    2. Buy a changer, and tap into the signal lines coming from the changer.

    (1) is pretty hard to accomplish
    (2) is not so bad, I did it with my changer.
    I had to figure out what lines were what by disecting my changer to figure out which lines were the signal lines. I can't imagine trying to do (1). It would be real easy to fry your head unit if you didn't know exactly what signals it wanted to see.

    As for trying to figure out what the pins are, you will probably have better luck finding the web page of someone else who is trying to do the same thing as you. And I think the chances of that are pretty slim. =)

    Good Luck


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      Thanks! =)


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        hey twins22: Check out sites from these companies ......Peripheral electronics, PIE, and Blitzsafe. All three are in the business of building interfaces and protocal converters to allow an aftermarket changer to be directly interfaced with your headunit. BTW Ford changers are sourced from three different manufactures: Sony, Clarion and Alpine. However Ford actually specifies thier own protocal(software) so you can't just plug one of these units up. You have a multitude of choices with one of the adapters. Sony, any Sanyo based changer which is audiovox,blaupunkt,targa,urban audio etc..., Alpine or Kenwood. I can look up the Url's if a search doesn't find one of the sites. Hope this helps. Jason


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          Thank you very much, Jasmar! I'll look these up and get back if I have trouble.