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  • Killing Hard-drives

    Ok, I have recently pulled my MP3 computer out of my car, while I figure out why it has destroyed two 20gig harddrives. I'm sure it is because they were simply hard mounted into the case, with no vibration insulators. I am curious what others would recommend as a best bet for good long term hard-drive life. I had music until I went four wheeling up in Tahoe National. After that it would take booting like three, four times with the longest boot times I've ever seen. Once I put the system on the bench for testing, the same long boot times were very obvious. I tried putting each of the drives in a usb case and reformatting. I don't think they ever will recover. So, have others had better luck than me?

    Thanks, Mab

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    Well standard hard drives were not ment for veicle use. There have been many discussions about if you should use shock "insulators", be it springs, rubber bands, foam or whatever. The majority considers it a bad idea since you can not be rid of all the shock and they tend to "bounce" the HD causing more damage. There are some drives that are rated to withstand more shock than others, I would do some research. You could also think about using laptop hard drive as they were built for high vibration environments. M.A.V.I.C. System
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      You could try mounting them vertically so that when you hit a bump the heads won't scratch the disk surface.

      For shock absorption I hear cork and rubber made a pretty good combo, but they are also great insulators, so fans are really needed.

      You could always go to notebook drives but they are quite costly in comparison.


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        Thsi has been covered several times before, and a search would turn up some lengthy threads.

        That said, I have killed several hard drives. Most exhibit the symptoms you describe, starting from gradual instability to just plain not even spinning up anymore.

        To avoid HD damage, it is generally thought that you should mount the drive vertically, with some kind of rubber bushing to dampen the hard shocks. As for the difference between laptop drives and desktop drives, the jury is still out on that one. I will always prefer laptop drives, but I have killed two of those as well as two desktop drives. In all fairness, I had power supply problems, an extremely stiff suspension, and I drive like a wacko...
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          Thanks to all who have replied. I was hoping for some differing information from what I was able to gain from doing a search of old posts. I figured people have been running there systems for quite a while by now, and perhaps learned more over time. I too must admit to driving like a wacko. My system is in a 1970 Toyota fj55 with an incredible stiff suspension. I also drive up and down creek beds all the time. Up and over rocks, etc,.. I have been looking for a something like a ramdisk to boot from, and then try and get the mp3s off the harddrive. It seems that the hard part has been getting my system to boot. Once it is up and running all is good. I've been hoping that perhaps something like a sansdisk, the kind that hook up to the pcmia slot could be used.



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            Has anyone checked the temp that the drives are running at? this could also be a killer
            especially in drastic temp changes
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