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Disabling BIOS keyboard error?

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  • Disabling BIOS keyboard error?

    In my car mp3 player, I use a mouse to control everything, so I don't need a keyboard on the PC. If I unplug the keyboard the BIOS gives a keyboard error Press F1 to continue and halts. There isn't a way to disable that warning in the BIOS or by a jumper selection. What I am wondering is if there is a schematic or a keyboard terminator or such I can buy that will disable the keyboard error but make it to where I won't need a keyboard plugged into the motherboard.
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    You can't disable it in bios? On the first page, there should be an option:

    Halt on: All errors

    cange that to

    Halt on: All but keyboard.

    That should fix it



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      slightly off track but..

      Who remembers back when there used to be an error "Keyboard error or no keyboard connected, press F1 to continue"

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        Every bios I have seen has something for the keyboard... like the "halt on", or im ny setp " keyboard" <selected option> "Not present"

        other than that - rip one open, take out the controler, it probably has a ribon connector to the keypad membrane, just pull the membrane. You can throw the compacted controler in the trunk, and even have the option of connecting the keys if you need them.

        Just a thought.
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