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looking for cheap head unit with colour lcd

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  • looking for cheap head unit with colour lcd

    im looking for a head unit with a flip out coluor lcd (for dvd etc) im going to pay around the $150 mark does any1 know where i can get some at that price links please, im not after any perticular brand.

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    I would check with local drug dealers and other shady/questionable characters. They might be able to hook you up with something stolen for that price.

    Otherwise the word cheap does not belong in the title here....honestly I don't think there is a standard HU that you can hook up a external PC DVD player might try a Alpine Entertainment unit...

    Else you might check out the other builds people have done on this site and check out some fold out screen from

    Hope that helps at least a little bit.


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      yeah, you are not even close on the price.... up that $150 to more like $450... and you are in the zone... you can get some crappy screens in the $300 range... as long as you sit in the center of your car only at night, the $300's will be fine... but to get a TFT that is bigger than your fingernail and bright enough to be useful, you're gonna have to come up with more cash than this...
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        my Clarion set up has inputs for video/dvd/whatever, its an old system but it might be worth checking the newer models for the same thing.


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          these are the cheapest in dash lcd's that exist I think.

          Keep in mind they are not vga, but I find 7" screens with rca inputs very readable with the right settings.


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            thats what im looking for thanks, before i buy one does any 1 have a flip out lcd with a radio mp3 cd etc that they want to sell second hand


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              anyone want to sell me a used head unit, my price is changable