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Controlling fade, balance + bass idea...

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  • Controlling fade, balance + bass idea...

    I am aiming this question manily at people with external soundcards as that is what i plan to use (more specifically a soundblaster one)...

    I would quite like to have some control over fade and bass and was wondering if the software that came with external soundcards allows the front and rear levels to be adjusted indpendantly as you can with the KX drivers. the reason i was thinkign this was i am stripping down a game pad to use for buttons and the 8 way digital controller (on the left) would make a perfect discrete balance, fade, bass controller hidden next to the steering wheel - it is low profile and black. What i was thinking of doing was using girder to adjust the fade and balance with the up/down being fade, left/right being balance and diagonals doing bass and treble if they are on separate switches or if not i would ditch the balance as once set i shouldnt need to play with this and also the treble as i normally just adjust the bass.

    My problem is that i am runnign the standard winXP drivers for my soundblaster so i dont have the soundblaster control panel and i cant remember if the soundblaster volume control can adjust the fade. Also, as KX drivers dont work for external sound cards i need to know if fade is available for them too.

    Has anyone tried the Trust USB soundcard? it is a quite neat little thing and it pretty cheap and runs off USB power.

    Lastly, i was wondering if the volume control dial in sounblasters was a control a circuit (not be inline with the signal) due to the number of channels and does it control the windows volume or is it separate. I want to knwo this as i would be tempted to relocate the dial to the front of the car but would not do this if it was inline as i would be dragging my audio signal upand downt he car.



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    come on - somebody got to be interested......


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      You've got my atention... I wanted to use the steering wheel controls, but this sound more to my taste... And my steering wheel controls are on the right (I really hate that), so these would be on my left side. Sorry I can't help (yet), Andy...
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