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  • Wake up on lan

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anybody has ever used this option?
    I wanna know if wol starts up the PC when it's turned off, or does it only get the PC out of standby mode?

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    Wake on LAN will boot the machine if it is turned off, or bring it out of standby if it is already on. You need a motherboard that supports it though, and a power supply that is able to supply the necessary current while the machine is turned off.
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      yeah my network card and m/b in home pc has this but i havent got round to figuring on how to using it.

      anyone know some software for windows to do this ?


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        You don't need software, you just need the proper hardware and have it configured properly.

        NIC Card with WOL support
        Motherboard with WOL support
        CAT-5 cable
        Something to stick on the other end to send the WOL signal

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          With wake up on LAN, there must be constant power to the computer's motherboard because the NIC has to be powered to recieve the signal. But in order to wake the computer, you need to connect it to another computer that will send the Wake up command to the NIC. This isn't too practicle unless you find some way of emulating the Wake up signal and constantly supplying your computer with power, albeit not very much, but I imagine enough that could eventually run down the battery.
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            Just a thought... A power signal from a car alarm / key fob accessory button. Sorry - bad English - Need sleep. Hope you get the point.

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              yeah ok then for my home pc, it should be getting power from m/b constantly, then what program cani use for windows to make it turn on from over my network (crossover)