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  • USB Soundcard?

    Got another car: 95 Chrysler Concorde.
    Sucks being without a carputer
    I'm putting my pc components in the glovebox, which has a limited amount of room. But if I put it in the trunk I'd have to run much more wiring.
    I'm getting rid of the radio and I have a small amplifier ordered and on the way. (Going without a headunit)
    I have the MXD 1000 (DirectXM) with Hybrids cable, which I plugged into my soundcard. Could hardly hear it.
    I need a better sound card but I have no room in the glovebox.
    I need to run RCA's to my amp and to the Direct XM. What's my best option here?
    Guess I need a usb soundcard? What's a good one?
    Any other options/ideas?

    EDIT: Guess I shoulda posted this under "car audio", E-Cig Mods
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    Audigy 2 NX

    this looks like it's USB.

    should be good.
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      What is the "MXD 1000 (DirectXM) with Hybrids cable" you talk about? Is this an alternative to XMpcr? I've done searches and can't find any info about it. I have an XMpcr with Toslink and since my stupid Audigy 2NX won't feed it to my 5.1 sound system I figure I'll put it in the house and get something else for the car. How's the sound quality?

      BTW: The Audigy is ok if you're just going to be running stereo, it only puts out 5.1 for mp3/wav/dvd internal to the computer.
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