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    Ok, I know this might sound like a strange and stupid question.

    I have never owned or seen the inner workings of a laptop computer before (can you believe it??). Do laptop harddrives connect the same way as desktop harddrives?

    As in 40 Pin IDE connectors?
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    You need one of these

    Laptop Hard Drive Adapter - 2.5 to 3.5 inch!! Item # 1286925222

    above ad is not mine.


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      Yes, and they can be found at CompGeeks for 3 bucks and change...


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        Is there a 44pin wire? I have biscuit pc with a 44pin header and am looking to get a laptop harddrive for it. Can't seem to find any wires though?


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          44 Pin is standard laptop! What do you mean wires? I have a 1 gig hooked up to a sbc with a normal 2.5 inch ide cable...
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