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  • Suggestions for a system?

    I am a music nut. I have been messing around with mp3s since the mid-1990s and have always tried to stay on the cutting edge of the hardware. I remember getting one of the first mp3-CD portables and also I got an mp3-CD player for my car just after they started appearing. My home audio setup is pretty advanced (handheld wireless remote control of a central server which radio broadcasts to every room in my apartment).

    But I feel like my car system needs to be upgraded - the capacity of mp3 CDs ('just' 100 songs or so) is insufficient for me. My music collection is over 20,000 songs and growing. I'd just like to have access to more than just 100 songs at a time, so it seems like its finally time for me to setup a carputer.

    Designing my home setup took a great deal of time and research and I feel like the process would have gone a lot smoother if I had had a chance to talk to other folks that had gone through the process before me. So before I get down to setting up a carputer, I'd like to hear from folks that have gone through the process, know their ****, and can help me out in the early stages.

    So with all of the boring backstory out of the way, I'll describe my system 'objectives' and hopefully some people can give some guidance about how to best achieve (best=cheapest, simpliest, easiests to setup, etc.) these objectives:

    1) have access to my entire collection (20,000+ songs at this point)
    2) be able to 'sync' my car collection and home collection as easy as possible
    3) safe and easy to navigate while driving
    4) it doesn't have to look seemlessly intergrated in the car, but i dont want a sloppy look either
    5) somewhat portable if i get a new car

    One of my intial brainstorm ideas was to have a laptop, external USB drive, and some sort of control device (wireless/bluetooth perhaps?) on the steering wheel. Another thought I had was to have some sort of display device at eye level, a control device on the steering wheel, and the carputer hidden away. I don't even know if those setups are realistic/effective or not.

    I'm not asking anyone to do my grunt work for me here, but I'd love to get some good suggestions and guidelines to keep in mind before I start tackling this job.


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    you can take a look at my setup and the others available in the Show off your project sub-forum to get a good idea of what others have done. I have most of the costs for my system outlined on my website. Have fun!
    2001 Isuzu Rodeo CarPC