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5v or will 4.5 or 6 do?

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  • 5v or will 4.5 or 6 do?

    using a laptop for my car so i have got a 12v to 19v adaptor for that and now i want to add a cd drive to sit in the dash, i will get a ide to usb converter which i presume takes care of control and audio but it will still need power. a have a cheap 12v to multi output adaptor but it does not have 5v, could i use 4.5 or 6v or could i plug into a usb hub, cut the cable and use the 5v from that? the laptop has 3 usb sockets, my external hdd is in one, my touchscreen controler via a usb/rs232 adaptor in another and i am planing to add a hub to the third for the cd slotload drive, some gps, some form of volume control and a interface for the car alarm, should i get a powered hub due to the load from all this? i would still need a 5v supply for that? thanks!
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    4.5 works for me
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